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Keith Osland

Keith Osland

Motivational Speaker

About Keith Osland

I began my career as a Trainer/Couch, in 1975 when I earned my 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. As of today I Am currently a 5th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor. I was fascinated by the way the body could move and perform at such speeds with so little effort.

From 1978 to 2000 I have been teaching Tae Kwon Do and Street Defense combined. I Have also learned powerful Chi Kung meditation. I wanted to be able to help my students achieve their goals so I began to seek out methods that can help people get there with less-struggle and more success.

Through a weird twist of fate, I was introduced to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which I pursued and have achieved Master Practitioner/Trainerthrough the people that created NLP and wrote the books. NLP is the tool that shortens the learning curve, dissolves the fears and doubts while teaching the mind and the body to work as one. I Felt I needed more information then NLP. So I began a study of Human Behavior and Physiology, Life Skills Coach, Professional Development, Adult Education, Fitness and Nutrition/Personal Trainer.

By combining 30 years of training, experience and education, the process of Mind Patterns was born, My partner Barbara Fleming and myself keep updating and adding new patterns to our process, which has become extremely powerful and effective for long-term permanent change that gets results.


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About Barbara Fleming

I spent the early part of my career as a technologist, and middle manager in the Alberta Health Care System, as well as other positions in Real Estate and Insurance. By working directly with patients, I recognized the traditional medical system was fighting a losing battle in the fight to heal chronic disease. Being curious, I also took many courses in a more Holistic and alternative disciplines offering different options in these conditions.

I had always been interested in how people’s minds worked and how the mind/body related to each other in health and sickness. In 1996, I found Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which offered me insights in the workings of the mind and opened possibilities to the connection between thoughts and disease..and many other things. Since then, I have been doing research and developing more techniques to help people get the most out of their lives. I have been having fun. I am a certified Master Practitioner/Trainer of NLP, and along with my partner Keith Oslund. We have developed Mind Patterns for change and personal growth that are on the cutting edge of Human Development.

Barbara Fleming

Barbara Fleming

Motivational Speaker

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