Brenda Gordon Ginter

Brenda Gordon Ginter

Brenda Gordon Ginter

Motivation Speaker


Graphics Consultant and the founder of BG Graphics, Brenda is a graphic artist with over 25 years experience. Since her start-up in 1995 she has worked with small businesses to develop professional business images to represent their companies. Brenda then gets that logo applied to everything they require from business cards, stationery, office supplies and promotional items, to signs, web site and vehicle graphics. Brenda offers many valuable solutions to achieve a professional business image on a small budget.

In building her own business, Brenda has learned many valuable lessons. She believes strongly in the power of networking. As an Ambassador with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce she has practiced this belief. As the president of a local Toastmasters club she has developed exceptional presentation and leadership skills. These things, and more, she will share with her audience in her informative seminars.


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“Brenda provides a clear path to achieving maximum results regarding image and branding. Her no-nonsense approach leaves one feeling empowered and confident regarding the steps to take whether the need is business cards, brochures, signage, letterhead or promotional items to name a few.”

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