Bruno Wiskel

Bruno Wiskel

Bruno Wiskel

Motivational Speaker for Agriculture and Coach for Beginning Farmers


Bruno Wiskel has combined 32 years of grain growing, cattle wrangling, sheep shearing, hog handling, fish frying, goat herding, fruit producing, tree planting, board sawing, and vegetable raising know-how into a series of fun filled presentations that show precisely ‘how’ other agriculturally minded people can make more money and have more fun in their farming operations.

With 5 published books and over 200 published articles and technical papers, Bruno integrates cutting edge technology with progressive marketing savvy that propelled his yearly farming income from $30,000 per year to $30,000 per month. Not bad for a guy who started with a land base of less than forty acres!!

His high energy keynote “The Joy of Farming” and  “The Joy of Ranching” has inspired thousands of people to discover prosperity and fulfillment beyond belief within the boundaries of their own farm or ranch. Illustrating his message, with a cornucopia of poignant images, Bruno shares his experience, strength, and hope with all that attend.

Described by conference organizers as “Wildly entertaining” and “Hit of the evening”, “The Joy of Farming” is a combination of side splitting humour and the real life experience of an agricultural entrepreneur that will have the crowd alternately rolling in the aisles with laughter and then crying in their coffee.


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