Brynda J. Roche

Brynda J Roche

Brynda J Roche

Motivational Speaker


Brynda Roche has worn many hats throughout her career life ranging from Hairdresser, Bank Representative, Special Needs Associate, Network Administrator, Computer Instructor, Choices Coach, Divorce Care For Kids Facilitator, Rainbows Group Facilitator and currently is a Successful Entrepreneur in an Innovative Global Based Business as well as a True Colors Facilitator. She is an active member of many Networking groups such as Womanition, eWomen, Edmonton Women Connect Group, She strongly believes that everyone can achieve what it is their heart desires with no limitations and that we are all designed to live a life of purpose and fulfillment and begin to meet our destiny with arms open wide. She has an extreme passion to inspire and empower others to soar to the heights of their God Given potential and discover who they truly are meant to be inside and out.


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True Colors & Brynda Roche

Through the Language of True Colors, Brynda’s mission is to help others enhance the way they live, work, communicate and interact with those around them at work and in their personal lives.

During this interactive workshop Brynda will lead you to discover your True Colors (be it Orange, Gold, Green or Blue) and use it as a means for understanding yourself and the people around you, be it family, friends, or coworkers. You will learn to appreciate the differences between people, and in turn gain self-awareness about your own individuality.

In the words of Brynda herself:

“I believe that in order to have effective communication with everyone who crosses your path or is in your life, it is so important that we effectively learn to identify and speak their “Color” Language. Using the True Colors Communication Styles, I love to hold seminars to teach people to talk and communicate in a way that becomes a win-win for both.”

What Does True Colors Offer You?

Participant benefits include:

• Effective Communication – Learn to speak the ‘language’ of others
• Solid team building tools- Recognizing and utilizing the strengths that each individual brings to the team
• Discovering the natural talents of each of the 4 personalities and the important values that motivate them
• Honoring different value systems
• Use of True Colors as a self assessment tool
• Celebrating individual differences
• Effective conflict resolution methods
• Employee and customer growth & retention
• Inter-personal & relationship skills Building self esteem
• Easily identify the strengths & stresses of ourselves and others
• Learning how to implement a whole new perspective on life at work
• Reducing stress by eliminating triggers