How to Make Everyday… a Terrific Day


What does it mean to have a Terrific Day, Everyday?

With Ron Waterfield, it means seeing the glass as half full not half empty.  It means enjoying the small things and appreciating what life gives you.  Why do some people get all the breaks, get the great grades, and the right friends?  Its all about the vibes we put out there.

This two hour enriched program will challenge your old ways of doing things and create new and revolutionized ways of being.  Use positive affirmations and self-talk techniques to improve your thought patterns and get what you want. Keep “Positive” words and phrases in your vocabulary to lead to win-win situations.

With Ron’s topic, “How to Make Everyday… a Terrific Day!”…Ron will share with your team  how to see the positive things in life and how to get things that are not working to be working again in their lives.

Ron has delivered numerous presentations on how people can achieve great goals, create a positive mental attitude in every aspect of their life and to live a life that is Amazing!

What’s Included:

  • Live recording of the event.
  • 2 “The Next Level” training manuals
  • Handouts for the staff
  • Use of  Presentation Plus remote handhelds


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Health and Wellness

The cost to companies whose employees are not looking after their health is increasing! In 2009, Stats Canada Work Absence Rates report estimates that 12 billion is lost to workplace absenteeism each year in the form of decreased productivity, overtime and health-related costs, many of which are directly related to an unhealthy, stressed-out, inactive workforce.

Our health and wellness seminars will empower your employees to improve their health, thus increasing your bottom line.





Here are a list of programs available:

  • Mind Control Relaxation Techniques that Improve your Health, Wealth and Happiness
  • I Really Gotta Quit! Solutions For Kicking Addictions & Bad Habits
  • Hope Health And Humor For Health care Workers
  • Turn Destructive Stress into Creative Energy
  • The Need for Nutritional Supplementation
  • Non-Drug Approaches to Healthy Living
  • How to Optimize your Child’s Health
  • Overcoming Degenerative Diseases
  • Let’s Beat the Diabetes Epidemic
  • Positive Steps to Weight Control
  • Achieving Peak Performance
  • Laugh Your Way To The Top
  • Nutrition (The New Look)
  • Hands On Stress Busters
  • Stop Smoking Now!


Being healthy includes looking after your emotional, physical, and mental well-being and by registering for this seminar you are able to gain a better understanding of what health is for you and making the most of your life.


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Creating a Positive Work Environment

Is there such a thing as a positive work environment?

We have all worked at places that we were less than excited to get up in the mornings and go to.  It is much more pleasurable, and less stressful to go to a work environment that is filled with positivity and enjoyment. Creating a positive work environment is a matter of will power and determination. Your work environment can bring stress, worry and a general feeling of unease. It is so much easier to be negative than it is to be positive.

This one hour session will provide you with the five tools on creating a positive work place.  Are you ready for a Positive Work  Environment?




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Congratulations: You’ve just completed the first lap in your new way of being!

All green lights and flags, the track ahead has become more clear, you’ve got a GO! for success!

Here are some of the chapters from Ron Waterfield’s book ‘The Next Level’ to get you started on the right track!

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Marketing: Getting to the Next Level

Improving your marketing techniques will help you and your company determine the success of your products and services.

Marketing is a critical component of your business and Executive Winners will give the leading edge tools and techniques to enable your business sales to soar.


Here are some topics to consider.

  • Smart Target Marketing/Market Research/Market Survey Design
  • Sales Proficiency Management/Measurement
  • How to Sell To Your Toughest Customer
  • Becoming an Efficient Sales Machine
  • Sales Analysis/Sales Approach
  • Whole Brain Sales & Marketing
  • You Market Me, I Market You
  • Getting What Your Worth!
  • One to One Marketing


If these seminars interests you, please click below for payment. Thanks again for your patronage.


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Handling Incoming and Outgoing Sales and Follow-up Calls

This 1-Day Telephone Workshop on Handling Incoming and Outgoing Sales Follow Up Calls

How many times a day do you hear your sales staff mishandle a sales call, blurt out everything they know about price and end up with no appointment and a sale lost to your competition?

Statistically, what was just described happens 7.2 times per and that means you’re losing sales monthly only because your salespeople aren’t trained on the telephone.

Allow Us to teach them the Right Way

Class Workbook Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Why The Telephone Is Critical To Your Success In Sales
  • Phone Facts On The Different Types Of Prospects
  • Your 5 Key Opportunity Areas For More Sales
  • Getting Ready To Pick Up The Phone
  • Your Basic Incoming Call Script
  • Your Most Common Questions & Objections On The Phone
  • Developing Your Responses For The Different Types Of Calls
  • Outgoing Follow Up Calls
  • How To Prospect By Phone
Learn How To…
  • Turn incoming sales calls into appointments that show
  • Make more effective follow-up calls
  • Ask for and get referrals on every call
  • Build a solid customer base for your long term success