How to Make Everyday… a Terrific Day


What does it mean to have a Terrific Day, Everyday?

With Ron Waterfield, it means seeing the glass as half full not half empty.  It means enjoying the small things and appreciating what life gives you.  Why do some people get all the breaks, get the great grades, and the right friends?  Its all about the vibes we put out there.

This two hour enriched program will challenge your old ways of doing things and create new and revolutionized ways of being.  Use positive affirmations and self-talk techniques to improve your thought patterns and get what you want. Keep “Positive” words and phrases in your vocabulary to lead to win-win situations.

With Ron’s topic, “How to Make Everyday… a Terrific Day!”…Ron will share with your team  how to see the positive things in life and how to get things that are not working to be working again in their lives.

Ron has delivered numerous presentations on how people can achieve great goals, create a positive mental attitude in every aspect of their life and to live a life that is Amazing!

What’s Included:

  • Live recording of the event.
  • 2 “The Next Level” training manuals
  • Handouts for the staff
  • Use of  Presentation Plus remote handhelds


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