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Keynote Presentations by Ron Waterfield

For More Than 25 Years Ron Waterfield has been giving Engaging Presentations

After so many years of giving speeches in front of 1000s of people, Ron Waterfield is only more impassioned doing what he loves.
Ron’s unique delivery, high energy and endless positivity will motivate your audience to be better in both their personal and professional lives.
As a certified Law of Attraction facilitator, Ron specializes in helping people understand that they can get what they want.
In addition, Ron also provides speeches for improving employee interactions/relationships as well as helping audiences realize that Every Day is a Terrific Day.

How to Make Everyday… a Terrific Day!

The Law of

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What’s included in every keynote speech:

While the topics may differ, every keynote presentation comes with an entire package of features to help your audience get the most out of it. After all, Ron’s goal is leave your audience wowed!

The Entertainment

Audience’s engage and connect with a presentation only when they are relaxed, and enjoying themselves. In such a state of mind they are more likely to take away valuable information.
“I learned a long time ago that my audiences got more out of everything I said when I could keep the entertained”, says Ron Waterfield.
Because of this, all keynote presentations include one of our Live Game Shows to start off the event right. Your crowd will love it. Experience Ron Waterfield in his natural habitat – engaging audiences, exuding positivity, and creating a memory that your guests/audience will remember for years to come.

The Keynote Speech

SpeechEWAfter getting the crowd excited and laughing, Ron Waterfield will deliver the key presentation of the event. Filled with stories, anecdotes, and real world examples, every keynote Ron gives is geared to engage the audience further, and get more out of them.
Ron will challenge the opinions, beliefs and views of the audience and help them see common challenges as solvable situations. Through crowd interaction, Ron is able to customize his presentation to your group. By the end of the presentation, your audience will be energized and ready to face each day and situation with positivity.

Audience Resources/Handouts

Ron Waterfield creates customized handouts and provides valuable resources to all attendees at your event. From worksheets, to valuable chapters from his books, your audience will leave with something to remember it by.

Live Recording (Optional)

Video-Recording All keynote presentations include a live recording that you can use for whatever you like. After all, the lessons, and principles that Ron Waterfield is an expert in are lifelong journeys and deserve some replay value.

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