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Life Coaching for an Improved You

Does it ever seem like your on a life path you never wanted? Or that you are not living at your highest potential? Are your natural talents and capabilities being squandered or just not made use of in your personal or work life?

Are you completely lost and confused in your future path? Maybe you feel lost in the wake of a bad relationship or other traumatizing life event?

Or, are you ready to improve the heath, wealth and personal relationships in your life?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, then you are in the right place. At Executive Winners our success  life coaches are waiting to give you the tools, motivation & power to alter your current perspective forever just as we have done for so many others.

Join the ranks of great individuals who have overcome the challenges life has given them and learn the secrets of living a life of abundance and happiness.

How a Life Coach Turns Ordinary to Extraordinary

Do you believe that you are an extraordinary individual? We know you are and we want you to live the life that the extraordinary you deserves.

Executive Winners’ success life coaches offer an integrated coaching approach designed to help you reach your personal and/or professional goals quickly, and efficiently.

How do we do this? We focus on you as an individual, rather than just the goal. By getting to know the influences in your life we can help your get rid of the negative patterns and increase the positive influences. Removing these negative patterns and replacing them with proven life management tools will help you reach your goals faster.

What is coaching 2014

Life Coaching for Adults

Our Life Coaches have specific topic focuses that are designed to help you through many of the challenges we all face. From stress and time management, to Law of Attraction and NLP training, we offer something for everyone. Explore our topics and contact Executive Winners to book a coaching session today.

Business Coaching

Ready to take your business to the next level? At Executive Winners we know how to push you to not only reach your goals, but exceed them. From management to sales training, marketing and time management, we have proven business coaching experience that will help you get more from your business so you can spend more time on your life.

Complimentary Coaching Session

Start the journey to an extraordinary life. Book a complimentary discovery coaching session with one of Executive Winners’ Life Coaches.


The 30 Day Classic Package – Get Back Your Mojo

The Classic program get you on the right path. Teaches you how to let go of old beliefs and old ways of doing things and will engage you on moving forward. Your sessions with your coach will include the following

  • 4 sessions of 68 minutes
  • Review of last session
  • Get unstuck with an urgent problem
  • Choice of different topics to choose from:
  • Setting/getting a new foundation getting new tools to put in your tools bags such as (click here to see all programs)all Ronald’s different areas
  • One to one coaching in person by phone or Skype/or anywhere in the world
  • Work sheet
  • Check in via text, e-mail or phone ( as needed)

The 60 Day Abundant Life Package – An Umbrella For Your Life

This is for individuals to learn techniques and desires on Health, Wealth and Happiness. Learn fundamentals on how to achieve goals. Perfect for existing clients that are looking for the next phase in positive coaching to regain life’s perspective.

Each session includes

  • 8 week break through discovery and tools
  • Essential core values every week
  • Ideas to achieve abundance
  • Follow up sessions
  • Work Book
  • Review of last session

Learn languages of life, a 3 session program that allows you to be able to connect with different people. Be able to understand their communication styles, their way of thinking and the best way to connect with them on personal or other levels.

The 90 Day Extraordinary You Package – Live Life to its Fullest

Life is about being Extraordinary. It’s about the knowing you can have what you want  when you want it at your time and place. The tools that you will learn will make your life from being hard to being flowing in the direction that you want. Imagine going down a river without using the paddles however we are use to going up stream with the paddles. Your life is all about playing on the court of life, meaning that you are there in the present moment… life is suppose to be about living in the moment, your coach will provide tools and tips on being that person on going down stream without the paddles.

This package includes

  • Meeting in person day or night.
  • 12 one to one coaching sessions.
  • Up to one year to use your sessions.
  • Includes MP3 recording of all sessions or per your request e-mailed as per session.
  • Unlimited calls, Skype or text to answer your urgent concerns.
  • Priority e-mail support to answer during the duration of our coaching.
  • Learn Languages of life, a 3 session program that allows you to be able to connect with different people. Be able to understand their  way of thinking and communicating.
  • Mastermind group; For answers on difficult questions will be addressed through our mastermind of 5 coaches working together to provide you the best service possible.
  • Emergency sessions:  Can be scheduled on an as needed basis to work on a particular issue. These sessions are a separate charge
  • Journal of sessions.

It’s an investment for your life.  Learn the hidden tools to achieve an amazing life.  Complete satisfaction or credit for next session for free.

Single Session

This is geared for anyone that needs a boost with the basics to staying on track and using the tools already in place to move forward and stay motivated. We recommend single sessions for anyone looking for an introduction to life coaching, or for those of our clients who just need a quick boost to their tool kit.

Average sessions are 60-70 minutes long and will uncover the items that are stopping you from being extraordinary, it may be a divorce, lost job, not enough money. Receive a boost to achieve your dreams. Customized to your personal needs. Need a break through in your life? Passion for your life?

Call now and speak with one of our team.

Package & Session Options

All of our coaching packages & sessions are available with extra options to meet your specific needs.

  • MP3 recording
  • Journal for life
  • Unlimited calls
  • Ask about Sliding Scale to fit it in your budget
  • Emergency Sessions:  can be scheduled on an as needed basis to work on a particular issue. These sessions are a separate charge


Law of Attraction Coaching

The Law of Attraction has one job and one job only…

It is to match your vibration.

In other words, if you are experiencing negative thoughts and feelings you are sending a negative vibration and the Law of Attraction matches that by giving you more negative experiences and results. However, if you are experiencing positive thoughts and feelings you are sending a positive vibration and the Law of Attraction matches that by giving you more positive experiences and results.

How To Make Everyday…A Terrific Day!hing

What exactly does that mean you ask?

With Ron Waterfield, it means seeing the glass as half full not half empty. It means enjoying the small things and appreciating what life gives you. Why do some people get all the breaks, get the great grades, and the right friends? Its all about the vibes we put out there.

Setting & Achieving Your Goals

Goal setting techniques and measurement tools.

Do you have personal goals? Having clear personal goals and just writing them down increases your likelihood of attaining them. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. Where are you heading? By knowing precisely what you want, you can achieve anything. Goals that before you probably felt were impossible are now possible.

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Coach & Speaker Accreditations

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce 2013 Member Executive Winners
Certified Coaches Federation Member Executive Winners Life Coaching
Ron Waterfield is Landmark Education Trained. Link to website
Law of Attraction Certified Facilitators; Executive Winners and Ron Waterfield
Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Member Executive Winners
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