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Welcome to Executive Winners, a company that provides motivational speakers and life coaches serving Canadians for over 25 years. Do you want to start each day with enthusiasm and purpose? Do you want staff to be more productive, happier and more balanced in their work and personal life? Learn the skills and techniques that have helped thousands of people in their business and personal lives with seminars presented by Ron Waterfield and his team of professionals.  Our team of professionals will provide informative, productive, meaningful and entertaining seminars.

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Speakers and Consultants We hire professionally trained and qualified professional that are certified life and business coaches, consultants for both business and personal programs.  Our office location is in Edmonton, Alberta.  Our professional Canadian speakers talk on topics such as sales, personal growth, leadership, stress management courses and programs that are funny, motivational and believe in energizing humorous quotes and tips.  Our keynotes speakers are bestselling authors with motivational books and self-help DVDs…  Looking for team building?  We provide team building, engagement programs and team empowerment programs that engage your staff. Coaches All our coaches are accredited coaching specialists who are committed to their own development as well as the development of the people they serve.   Our trainers will provide you the tools and techniques that have helped thousands of people in their business and personal lives.