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Creating an Extraordinary You!”
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In the area of human potential, no one is better known and more respected than Ron Waterfield. For more than 28 years, Ron has focused on helping organizations and people from all walks of life, reshape their vision of what is possible. His powerful messages of possibility, opportunity, and action have helped create startling and powerful changes in thousands of individuals worldwide.

Ron Waterfield started in the business world as a sales associated for the F.W.Woolworth department store in the late 70’s. Through diligence and hard work,he created the largest Disc Jockey company in Western Canada . Presently, Ron is the CEO of Executive Winners Ltd., a training company, that helps shape the lives of people world wide with the Law of Attraction and moving them from ordinary to Extraordinary.  Ron is an author of “Unlocking Your Potential”  and  Creating an Extraordinary You!”

After you’ve heard Ron speak once, you will agree that every day can be an “A Terrific Day!”


Table of Contents

  1. Questions for interviews 5 minutes to 1-hour in length
  2. Ten popular questions to ask
  3. Here are common questions I have been asked in previous interviews
  4. What makes me an expert?
  5. My personal story
  6. Here is what I help people understand and solve
  7. Is this problem serious and if so, how serious?
  8. Is my message relevant to a wide audience?
  9. Can I help people solve or avoid a serious problem?
  10. An on-air contest I can do
  11. With live-callers I can do the following
  12. I am available to do interviews on short-notice


1. Questions for interviews 5 minutes to 1-hour in length

  • 1. What is the Law of Attraction and how does it work?
  • 2. Why would we want to know about the Law of Attraction?
  • 3. I understand that we are always attracting, whether we are subconsciously or consciously aware of it. What are some examples that will help us to identify when this is happening?
  • 4. Explain ‘vibrations’ and what their impact is with regard to what we are getting or what is showing up in our lives.
  • 5. Do we all send off vibes?
  • 6. We attract more of whatever it is that we are focusing on, whether it is through our thoughts, words, or feelings. Explain and give some examples.
  • 7. If Law of Attraction is working right now, how can we tap into this Law more deliberately?
  • 8. What tools can you give right now that will help me stop attracting negative events and people into my life?
  • 9. What about ‘reality’? Where does ‘reality’ fit into the Law of Attraction?
  • 10.How do we make the shift to deliberate attraction? Can you give us a specific formula for deliberate attraction?
  • 11. Is it possible to have conflicting intentions? (i.e. saying one thing yet feeling the opposite)
  • 12. Can you explain why affirmations don’t work for some people? What can you suggest to make an affirmation more effective?
  • 13. In your opinion, what are the necessary steps to making a shift towards a more positive vibration? (Clarity through contrast exercise)
  • 14. It has often been said that “Acting As If” can carry someone a long ways towards attracting their desires to themselves. Is there anything else that a person can do?
  • 15. What about negative people in my life? How can I keep away from their negativity?
  • 16. Tell me more about ‘Allowing’ and why it is the most important step in the formula.
  • 17. Once we understand Deliberate Attraction, how quickly can we expect to attract desires?
  • 18. What would you suggest to people who are applying the Law of Attraction but feel they are getting nowhere; that the rate at which their desires are coming to them, feels sluggish in relation to their efforts?

2. Ten popular questions to ask. (Knowing in advance how much time I have, I could talk on all of these subjects.)

  • 1. What is the Law of Attraction?
  • 2. Explain how Law of Attraction is all about ‘vibes’?
  • 3. Why don’t affirmations work for most people?
  • 4. Why do people keep attracting negative people and events over and over again?
  • 5. How can we change a negative vibration into a positive one?
  • 6. How do language and words impact what we attract?
  • 7. How is becoming more abundant and wealthy a direct result of our ‘vibes’?
  • 8. How does observing what we don’t like actually bring more of what we don’t want?
  • 9. How does our doubt stop us from attracting what we want?
  • 10.What is allowing? How does it work? What are some tools for allowing?

3. Here are common questions I have been asked in previous interviews:

  • Give an explanation of why people keep attracting negative people and relationships over and over again.
  • Give an explanation of how a person can change a negative vibration into a more positive one.
  • Explain how language and words impact what we attract.
  • Explain how to start using Law of Attraction more deliberately.
  • Explain why Law of Attraction is more than just building a list of desires.

4. What makes me an expert?

I have studied and researched the subject of Positive Mental Attitude since 1988 and have conducted hundreds speaking engagements and training seminars worldwide. I have self-published a training and reference book, “The Next Level, Creating an Extraordinary You”

5. My personal story:

Ron Waterfield is a successful business man, author, motivational speaker, and most of all, a father devoted to improving the lives of others.

By age 16, Ron started listening to and reading personal development tapes and books. Thirty years and hundreds of books later, Ron is considered by many to be one of the most respected experts on being the best you can be, and assisting those to discover the gift to create all you desire. Before beginning his life long quest to shape the lives of others, Ron had to prove to himself that his theories, beliefs, and convictions worked.

At age 17, Ron’s dream of being a disc jockey was realized. Ron would spin the albums and 45’s with his brother, Peter, at their local army cadet league dances. This started his life long dream of being a disc jockey.At 23, it was time to reach out and be his own boss. Ron started his own business, Twilite Music Services Ltd.,as a mobile disc jockey which since then has become one of the largest mobile disc jockey companies in Western Canada .

At the age of 33, with Ron’s business knowledge and assisting others create successful businesses; he created training for friends and then created the possibilities to the general public on how to run a successful business by using his proven strategies. With the demand of his ideas, and his personal onset of diabetes, Ron shifted his training on self improvement. Ron also began a life long commitment to fitness and heath, realizing the importance of the mind-body connection, therefore, creating Executive Winners Ltd.

Ron’s beliefs in sharing with people that you can create anything you desire has made him well known. Since then, he has started several companies and assisted in people’s lives on how to improve oneself. In 2000, Ron began to realize a past childhood dream of owning a British sports car. In September 2000, his childhood dream finally came around, a 1978 Triumph Spitfire, another of his creations.

At the age of 35, Ron realized that a school had to be created to share his dream of becoming a professional disc jockey in the marketplace. Ron has instructed hundreds of students how to become a professional disc jockey with etiquette and integrity, the primary factor in training and performing shows.

Ron began writing and created a book for disc jockeys called “How To Become A Professional Disc Jockey” a training manual , the most comprehensive book ever written based on his experiences, thoughts, and timeless success principles on being a mobile disc jockey. It became an overnight hit with disc jockeys all around the world. Ron has since published two more books, one for owners in the entertainment industry, and his most popular book called “The Next Level”, a manual on how to have and create what you want with positive energy and attitude, geared towards people of all ages.

Ron believes in promoting kindness, respect, generosity, forgiveness, honesty, and patience. Ron is also a major supporter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), an organization established in 1980 to promote communication and leadership through public speaking.

Ron resides in Edmonton , Alberta with his two children.


6. Here is what I help people understand and solve.

Why they keep attracting negative things and people to their lives and how they can start attracting what they DO want instead-and-how to eliminate negative self talk.


7. Is this problem serious and if so, how serious?

Yes, everyday people are always complaining about how they are attracting negative people and negative events in their lives and they don’t understand why. Most of them believe that there is nothing they can do to change this…that it must be bad luck or fate. They become entrenched in this ‘victim-mode’ and I want to teach people that change is very possible and guaranteed, once they understand and apply the Law of Attraction.


8. Is my message relevant to a wide audience?

Suppose that there are three people riding in a car while listening to this interview. One is a 30-year old man. The other is a 60-year old man. The other is a 40-year old woman. This is how each listener would benefit from hearing what I have to say:

  • 30-yr-old woman: Finally understands why she has been attracting the same kind of partner into her life over and over again.
  • 60-yr-old man: Is able to reflect on his past and has a better understanding of why he has attracted what he has. He sees his life as containing ample proof of the Law of Attraction working. He is very convinced on the subject and is delighted with the interpretation of the material.
  • 40-yr-old woman: Hears the information and is also able to reflect on it, realizing that it comes at a perfect time for her as she considers a change in career or contemplates a change in a relationship. She wants to apply the Law of Attraction right away.

9. Can I help people solve or avoid a serious problem?

I can help anyone stop attracting anything they don’t want. For example, I can help people stop attracting hurtful people into their lives…ie. people that don’t serve them well. I can give examples of women complaining about attracting the same kind of man over and over again… or vice versa. My examples are humorous and always get my teaching point across to my audiences.


10. An on-air contest I can do:

At the beginning of the show, I can ask people to call in with their guess as to which 3 words they could eliminate from their vocabulary to attract their ideal mate, or ideal job, or to attract more wealth into their lives.


11. With live-callers I can do the following:

I can help them understand why they are attracting something specifically negative into their life and give them a tool that they can start using immediately to make changes.


12. I am available to do interviews on short-notice:

Call my office and let’s discuss the possibilities!