Martin Sawdon

Martin Sawdon

Martin Sawdon

Life Coach & Motivational Speaker


Martin provides executive. business and personal coaching and is a professional speaker and trainer. His passion is the creation of the corporate culture producing outstanding results by growing its people instead of consuming them like a fossil fuel. Martin delivers a two-day intensive coach training program for managers and executives wanting to start coaching in the workplace the following day. His Signature series of business workshops culminate in participants creating snapshots of the day’s learning in watercolors. No experience necessary! Martin’s own paintings are displaced on his website.

Martin’s work has been featured on television and CBC radio and in Dawn McCoy’s 2002 title, “Landing a Job for Canadians for Dummies.” His Clients include the governments of Canada and Alberta, the cities of Edmonton and Red Deer and the University of Alberta.

Martin provides business and personal coaching and speaks on personal development and issues of corporate culture. His signature series of workshops culminate in participants accessing their right brains by painting in watercolours. No experience necessary!


A local member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, his qualifications include graduation from Coach-U, the professional coach training organization.

Martin’s work has been featured on television and CBC radio and Coaching-Works! is the only independent organization featured in “Landing a Job for Canadians for Dummies.”

His quest for job satisfaction has led him into coaching and speaking via the private and public sectors in four countries, two continents and three professions: engineering, banking and landscape architecture. During “interesting” times Martin has sold life insurance and door-knocked for a home renovation company.

He brings to his practice his tremendous enthusiasm for creating fulfilling lives. He has a well developed sense of humour and more than 20 years of innovation, problem solving and organization with many victories and yes, some defeats too. Martin has a special interest in a) the impact of today’s economies on people and the workplace, b) fostering creativity in business and c) life balance.

Martin is the creator of ‘The Sustainable Workplace’ and works with clients who have the guts to dream big dreams, the determination to pursue them and the courage to recognize that with this strange animal called coach they will achieve more and get there faster. He has many interests in addition to coaching which contribute to his own life balance. These include spiritual and marriage enrichment, painting in water colours, cross-country skiing, reading, hiking and fishing but working-out is particularly important as it allows him to indulge his eating habit.


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Our Favorite Speaking Topics From Martin Sawdon

Addressing topics related to Personal Development and the creation of Sustainable Workplaces. (Workplaces which are extraordinarily effective and achieve that status by growing people instead of consuming them like a fossil fuel).

These are just a few of the topics you can have Martin present. For more information or to book Mr. Sawdon, please call Executive Winners at (780) 444-4724.

Business and Corporate Topics

Personal Topics

Coaching with Martin Sawdon

Through meeting regularly with clients by telephone or face-to-face, Martin supports, challenges, encourages and provokes them to take their game to a higher level in business, personally, or both. Issues addressed vary from the interpersonal to the organizational via the envisioning and completion of specific projects.

Group coaching

Addressing similar issues as in Personal and Business Coaching but delivered to groups of clients facing common challenges.

An important note about coaching
In all coaching relationships, the issue is less crucial to its successful resolution than the synergy between coach and client, which is vital. For that reason many coaches, including myself, accept new clients only after a complimentary coaching session has established its presence.

“Martin Sawdon is gifted with an incredible, engaging voice that leaves listeners craving more. He has a natural ability to craft together meaningful stories and powerful anecdotes and tell them in a way that really inspires others. Martin makes a soulful connection with everyone he speaks to. In these stressful and demanding times, the world needs more than ever Martin’s messages from the heart.”

Linda LeontowichPro-Active Marketing Systems

“Excellent session which highlighted the need to manage a sustainable workplace, and to expand energy on this rather than crisis management.”
“Well done, I can’t really think of improvements. I didn’t learn anything really new, but new ways of applying things.”
“Reinforced concepts and values of leadership that I have experience throughout my career .”

ForASCHA Participant Nov. ’05ForASCHA

In my Company “The Sustainable Workplace”workshop has provided me with many tools to enhance the workplace. My employees are my biggest asset and these tools have not only helped increase my awareness of their needs but also helping them to be aware of the needs of those around them. It isn’t about money, it’s about belonging, contributing and acknowledgement, that everyone plays a part in the success of a business.

Ian BasfordPresident/CEO LinFar Technology Inc.