Playing in the Sandbox…Sales and Relationships

In this intensive one-day seminar learn the secrets to create a relationship with your customer. It’s all about being in their moment and understanding their needs. The question then becomes: How can you sell something to someone, where you bully yourself into their sandbox?  Learn the proven techniques on how to:

  • Listen effectively to your customers; Improve your communication skills
  • Win customers over on the telephone
  • Sell to your most stubborn customers
  • Deal with aggressive customers
  • Become a “pressure-free” sales person, one who is a pleasure to deal with
  • Persuasively win others to your way of thinking
  • Create business leadership techniques
  • Make a positive mind work for you

Below are some tips that Ron will touch on during the workshop to improve customer service and bottom line for your business:

  1. Always tell your customer what you CAN do for them. Don’t begin your conversation by telling them what you CAN’T do.
  2. Allow irate customers to vent. Do not interrupt them or start to speak until they have finished having their say.
  3. Diffuse anger by saying “I’m sorry or “I apologize.”
  4. Make certain that your “solution” to the customer’s problem is acceptable to them. Get their approval and agreement.

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