RON’S TESTIMONIALS     Here are some Letters from his valued clients.



Do you seek happiness in all areas of your life? Can you sit down and make a long list of all the areas that could be better? You may have areas in your life you are yearning for improvement, but maybe you are lacking the ability to create change in this area. If this resonates in your heart, like it did with me, Ron is your answer. His intelligence and wealth of knowledge extends to ALL different areas of life. He truly listens to what your heart is saying with superior listening skills, and genuinely cares for the happiness of his clients. He offers knowledge that is easily understandable and comprehensive, and if you allow yourself to apply these life altering techniques each day into your life, you will see results instantly, guaranteed. Some seek temporary happiness; I was seeking something more life changing. With Ron’s heart of gold, incredible wisdom and my open mind, I was able to receive profound change in each area of my life with lifelong results. You can’t truly understand or appreciate the power each of us has within ourselves to have the life we truly desire until you have met and had the blessing to have a session with Ron. I am eternally grateful for Ron and our sessions. Our friendship has been life altering beyond recognition. Do yourself a favor and embark on this journey with Ron. Every day is amazing and beautiful when you become a winner!
Charlene Metz

Thanks to you things are going great!  Started a new job in June – it’s challenging and got all that I asked for on my list.  I really feel appreciated there.  Wow, what a change!

It’s my great pleasure to write a full recommendation for Ron Waterfield and his life coaching services. I have been working for Ron on and off for well over 4 years now and the benefit of his coaching has been life changing.

Ron is incredibly intuitive to what a person need to make shift in their life and to achieve what they desire. Everything he requests of you will truly benefit you (the more you resist certain exercise’s the more probably need them) The longer you stay with his coaching the more results you will achieve.

The great thing about Ron is that he can show you new ways of being and living your life that will stay with you forever. His coaching is not a quick fix, it’s the real deal and will get you on the right track. He can change your attitude and mood with just a quick check in call so ensure you reach out him when you encounter break downs.

Ron is an all-round amazing person, he’s a great coach, excellent business

Ron knows his material. I recommend you to go to one of his presentations if you have the opportunity!
Terry Prtelance – Alberta Government

I found Ron’s positive energy attractive. He states and I agree to stay away from negative people, your attitude about life will also become positive
Jim Jackson – Alberta Water

Very dynamic and enthusiastic and portrays a positive attitude…
Murray Holroyd – Town of Bashaw

Ron is a great motivational speaker in teaching others to become winners in themselves
Valerie Holroyd – President’s Choice Financial

Brilliant speaker! Worth every dollar! Very good, positive enthusiastic. He knows his stuff!
Tim Fortier – City of Edmonton

Ron will help you change your outlook on day to day life situations. Life is too short to not be happy
Steve Portelance – Canadian Forces 4 wing CFB Cold lake AB

Ron is adored and a great speaker. He talks networking excellently.
Teresa Gallins

Ron was funny, entertaining and very informative. Keep up the good work!
Helga S – Indian Affairs

Excellent speaker with great inflection and motivational skills
Jem C

Attracting what we want in life is of the utmost importance.
I was amazed and impressed by Ron’s presentation, especially since he had me and my children sitting on the edge
of our seats anticipating the highlight of every successful story he told.  The presentation was succinct, professional and easy to
understand and implement.  Ron’s strength is in being very sure of what he wants and modeling a way to strongly ask and get what we want.
Now we have something we can put to good use right away to attract the lives we want immediately.  I am excited and anxious to experience the results I want.
Thank you Ron for cutting to the chase for me and my kids!

Sincerely, Karen Simmons
CEO, Founder, Autism Today