Ron Waterfield has a skilled ability to motivate youth to become more focused on reaching their goals. He delivers brief, motivational presentations to youths throughout the country.

The high-energy, short-duration presentations provide a series of meaningful steps students can use to stay on track in today’s fast-paced environment. Youths identify with Ron’s perspective-broadening message that illustrates the choices between winning and losing. Positive benefits for students include improved grades, prolonged attention spans, ability to think strategically, a desire to compete in a positive atmosphere and building team skills. Youths walk away inspired and motivated to use the new steps to become achievers in school and in life.




… heard you at my son’s Junior High. Your message was pertinent to all ages, your delivery outstanding, your wit fantastic. Cindy Callington

… I cannot recall seeing fifth graders as attentive in an assembly as they were during your presentation. Keep up the good work!. Mark Johnson

Ron is an outstanding presenter who has the ability to inspire people of various ages.

“Never in my years of experience have I met an adult that could reach so many young people in such an effective way. Craig Johnson YMCA