Meet The Founder of Executive Winners Ltd.

Transformational Speaker, professional keynote speaker, motivational speaker, business conference speaker, a veteran of thousands of successful shows, an author of “ The Next Level”, “Creating the Extraordinary You”, a Personal Success Coach and seminar leader. He is a chief executive officer and successful businessman.

As founder of Executive Winners, Ron has over 35 years experience in marketing, leadership, quality enhancement and self-development programs. As a public speaker, Ron draws upon this diverse background to relate key business principles, while enriching his content with insightful and dramatic illustrations, stories, and humor. His visions, ideas, and techniques are currently at work in organizations throughout the country.

Ron has focused on helping organizations and people from all walks of life; reshape their vision of what is possible. His powerful messages of possibility, opportunity, and action have helped create startling and powerful changes in thousands of individuals worldwide. Through carefully developed and targeted keynotes, seminars, conferences, and executive retreats, Ron empowers his audiences. His highly personable style touches both the mind and the heart. With thought-provoking insights, vivid stories, and a frequent dose of humor, he reaches audiences in a way they do not soon forget. Each presentation is completely unique, meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of the client.

Ron Waterfield - Certified Facilitator - Law Of Attraction

Ron Waterfield started in the business world as a sales associated for the F.W.Woolworth department store in the late 70’s. Through diligence and hard work, he created the largest Disc Jockey Company in Western Canada. Presently, Ron has entertained thousands of people since the 70’s at various speaking engagements including Chamber of Commerce functions, Solutions Technology Expo 2000, Small Business Week, Mobile Beat in Las Vegas and the Canadian Disc Jockey Association. He has also performed across Canada and the United States with his own unique Presidential Program.

After you’ve heard Ron speak once, you will agree your life will go from ordinary to Extraordinary and that every day can and will be “A Terrific Day!”

Ron Waterfield’s Keynote Speeches

After giving keynote speeches across Canada for more than 25 years, Ron Waterfield knows how to give an engaging presentation to your group or business. With expertise in helping audiences see the positive in their life – both personal and professional – Ron’s keynotes are able to help businesses increase morale, productivity and key relationships.
All of Ron’s keynote speeches include his “Game Show Mania” designed to loosen up the audience and make them more receptive to the powerful messages he delivers. After all, it’s proven that a happy, well entertained mind is more receptive to new ideas and positive change.
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How to Make Everyday… A Terrific Day

With Ron Waterfield, it means seeing the glass as half full not half empty. It means enjoying the small things and appreciating what life gives you. Why do some people get all the breaks, get the great grades, and the right friends? Its all about the vibes we put out there.
This two hour enriched program will challenge your old ways of doing things and create new and revolutionized ways of being. Use positive affirmations and self-talk techniques to improve your thought patterns and get what you want. Keep “Positive” words and phrases in your vocabulary to lead to win-win situations.
With Ron’s topic, “How to Make Everyday… a Terrific Day!”…Ron will share with your team how to see the positive things in life and how to get things that are not working to be working again in their lives.

The Law of Attraction Getting More of What you Want and Less of What you Don’t

The Law of Attraction has one job and one job only…
It is to match your vibration. In other words, if you are experiencing negative thoughts and feelings you are sending a negative vibration and the Law of Attraction matches that by giving you more negative experiences and results. However, if you are experiencing positive thoughts and feelings you are sending a positive vibration and the Law of Attraction matches that by giving you more positive experiences and results.

7 Steps to Being Extraordinary

Playing in the Sandbox… the New Sales Approach

In this intensive one-day seminar learn the secrets to create a relationship with your customer. It’s all about being in their moment and understanding their needs. The question then becomes: How can you sell something to someone, where you bully yourself into their sandbox?  Learn the proven techniques on how to:

  • Listen effectively to your customers; Improve your communication skills
  • Win customers over on the telephone
  • Sell to your most stubborn customers
  • Deal with aggressive customers
  • Become a “pressure-free” sales person, one who is a pleasure to deal with
  • Persuasively win others to your way of thinking
  • Create business leadership techniques
  • Make a positive mind work for you


My focus is to help the young people of today to shape and motivate their future. I aim to show ways of overcoming obstacles that may prevent goals being attained, whether it be problems at school, social surroundings or at home. I firmly believe that children need all the support they can get in today’s fast and complicated society. Sometimes growing up can be a hard thing to do! – Especially without the right kind of support.

“I have seen the benefits of life coaching already! No problem is too big or too small. Young people can be given an advantage by learning self motivation skills and self knowledge, which can be applied throughout their lives. Obstacles can be abolished and positive goals accomplished.”