Seminar Topics

 The Most Powerful and Effective Way To Reach Your Goals and Soar Higher

At Executive Winners we offer a wide variety of seminars for your own needs. Our highly interactive seminars will engage you and your group and leave you better than you came. Find out about some of our topics below, then call us to book you seminar today.

Our training programs include training handbooks for participants, training certificates and free follow-up consultations.

7 Steps to Stress Management

Learn the techniques and skill on how to reduce and manage stress. This informative seminar will teach you various ways to enjoy life with little or no stress.

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Developing a Positive Winning Attitude

Only you can take the initial step toward unleashing of the power within your own mind! It starts with learning the techniques of creating a Positive Mental Attitude. Our instructors will teach you and your students 10 easy steps to developing a positive winning attitude.

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Time Management

We all are given the same number of minutes each day. By applying the time management tips and skills in this seminar, you can optimize your effort to ensure you concentrate as much of your time and energy as possible on your school work as well as your personal time.

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Discover Your Passion

We all want our life to have purpose. There are many things you could do each day to give you more clarity. Here we help you define what those elements are and how to focus on them.

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The Art of Effective Listening

This workshop will teach you and your team that communication is a two-way process. We will help you and your team to avoid mistakes, minimize wasted time and repair strained relationships.

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Game Shows

Experience our Team Building Workshops with our Game Show Mania, we can create great team building exercises which your staff will be talking about long after the seminar is over. This interactive game gets everyone involved in our Team Building workshop, which we have been offering since 1986.

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