Handling Incoming and Outgoing Sales and Follow-up Calls

Person on headset ready to answer calls about life coaching from Executive WinnersThis 1-Day Telephone Workshop on Handling Incoming and Outgoing Sales Follow Up Calls

How many times a day do you hear your sales staff mishandle a sales call, blurt out everything they know about price and end up with no appointment and a sale lost to your competition?

Statistically, what was just described happens 7.2 times per and that means you’re losing sales monthly only because your salespeople aren’t trained on the telephone.

Allow Us to teach them the Right Way

Class Workbook Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Why The Telephone Is Critical To Your Success In Sales
  • Phone Facts On The Different Types Of Prospects
  • Your 5 Key Opportunity Areas For More Sales
  • Getting Ready To Pick Up The Phone
  • Your Basic Incoming Call Script
  • Your Most Common Questions & Objections On The Phone
  • Developing Your Responses For The Different Types Of Calls
  • Outgoing Follow Up Calls
  • How To Prospect By Phone
Learn How To…
  • Turn incoming sales calls into appointments that show
  • Make more effective follow-up calls
  • Ask for and get referrals on every call
  • Build a solid customer base for your long term success