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Tired of putting on a team building exercise and have your members leaving early or being bored?

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Executive Winners have been delivering team building workshops since 1986.  Nothing builds team pride like competition!

Developing your staff into a cohesive unit that exemplifies synergy is the goal of all leaders and management. Consider what it would be like to be stranded on an island with no food or support. Life is like that at times. Our team will assist you and your staff to improve teamwork. We will share ideas on how to create habits that bring you and your team to the next level.

And you thought game show fun was just on television!

Now you can catch all the excitement at your own parties and company events with Game Show Mania.®We provide everything except the contestants! Our high-tech game show entertainment system has it all… zany sound effects, real digital scoring and a lightning-fast electronic lockout system (first player to hit the button guesses the answer).The topics are endless, limited only by your imagination. We can even custom design the topics, questions and answer specifically for your event! Brand new & definitely appealing. Looks and plays like a popular TV quiz show. Fun questions range from the obvious to the outrageous. Takes up to 4 contestants, and really involves entire audience interactively. Includes Game Show Host, master controller, emcee podium, two 2/player positions, goose neck microphones, and 2 scissors stands.

We host games for all occasions, or we can produce a custom game show just for your event!

Great for Awards Banquets and Casual Affairs!