Team Building: The Power of the Group Drumming Process


  • A powerful and unique teambuilding process as metaphor
  • A FUN energizer,  and group empowerment vehicle

Together your team will  contribute to create a safe and inclusive space, where all participants are celebrated and cherished.

We explore a process where  hierarchal structures are allowed to dissolve in order to explore  in-the-moment  potential of creative possibilities, efficiencies and harmony.


  • Uplift and Energize your Staff !
  • Employ the Power of  Music, Play, Creativity, and Expressitivity
  • Best Stress Reliever – Decrease employee burnout rates
  • Improved wellbeing and mental health
  • Stimulates a boost in immune systems
  • Enables  a environment where  healthy relationships can flourish
  • Entrainment, and empowerment are keys to Group Success
  • Offers a space for collaboration and insight into collective growth
  • Have FUN doing it!


  • Our skilled and experienced Facilitation team
  • A collection of Beautiful World Instruments
  • Tailored Guided metaphors and closing reflection

Schools K-12

Our truly unique and empowering school drumming programming includes these themes; Unity through Diversity, Anti-bullying, Team building, Wellness, community building and fully custom programs to suit the needs of your school.

We incorporate hundreds of tools, techniques, rhythms, songs and games to enable each group to reach their highest potential. The process begins by creating a safe and open environment through a series of fun and “out of the box” games; allowing individual creativity to be explored and supported. We then build on small successes to achieve rhythmical empowerment and group communication. The culmination of the program ends with a collaboration of group reflection and celebration in line with the selected theme. The themes are strategically built into each circle through choice of activities, songs, and metaphors.